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Safe Places National Network

Our bespoke Safe Places SEND education materials have been created specifically to work alongside our web site and our free-to-use Safe Places smart phone apps.

As you will no doubt know certain fonts make reading much harder for people with learning disabilities; because of this we have used the font FS Me. It is designed specifically to improve legibility for people with learning disabilities and was researched and developed with (and endorsed by) Mencap.

Every letter of FS Me was tested for its appeal and readability with a range of learning disability groups across the UK.

Our Safe Places education materials are symbolised to ensure they can be used to teach as many people as possible about the Safe Place schemes and being safe while out and about.

Their contents have been matched to objectives for both the national curriculum and P levels as detailed in the documents at the bottom of the page.

They are free-to-use to everyone who works within any of our member areas.

Our free-to-use Safe Places smart phone apps are available to download now from both the App Store and Google play. They show all the Safe Places located within our member districts.

So, if you are a Teacher, Tutor, Travel Trainer or essentially anyone who wants to teach people about Safe Places then these materials are designed to help you.

You can now register for your free account which will provide you with unlimited access to the materials. The process should take no more than three working days but as its new please be a little patient.

You might wonder why we ask you to access the materials through an account?

We ask everyone to do this so we can record how many materials are being downloaded each week/term/year. This data is made available to our members so it can be used as evidence to support their rationale for paying the £7.60 per week membership fee we charge per district to run our service. This pays for everything to be produced (yeah we know, it's unbelievable isn't it - only £7.60 per week for a whole district).

By asking the members (the scheme operators) to pay to register their Safe Place scheme district by district we can make sure you (the educators) never have to pay for anything we provide - like the smart phone apps or the education materials.

Oh yeah, and your establishment can have as many free accounts as you want so there's room for everyone.

If you would like to register for your free account so you can access the materials simply check our Member Schemes page to ensure your District is a member of our service and if so, click on the button above to register for your account.

If your district isn't a member of our network, then drop them a line and let them know you would like them to join us. After all, £7.60 per week per district is a tiny cost for helping teaching SEND students how to be safe and stay safe hey!

Introduction to Safe Places
Finding and Visiting a Safe Place
Assistive Technology
Getting Out and About
Safe Places Quiz Zone
Safe Places Resources