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Safe Places National Network

Our mission Our website helps you find a Safe Place anywhere in the United Kingdom Safe Places keep you safe and help you meet new people We work with local authorities to launch new schemes

Safe Places National Network is here to unite all the Safe Place (and Keep Safe) schemes.

We do this by having all the information in one place so everyone can see it.

We are making special teaching materials so Safe Places can be taught about in schools.

We help make it easier to find and use a Safe Place not just when you need one but as a way of getting to know people.

What we do:

  • Provide a special easy to use Web Site to teach about the Safe Place schemes.
  • Encourage badge holders to visit the Safe Places to get to know more people in their community.
  • Promote allowing more user groups to participate in the Safe Places Schemes.
  • Support more authorities in launching a Safe Place Scheme.
  • Help authorities recruit more Safe Places.
  • Help users with our free-to-use phone apps so they can quickly locate a Safe Place in time of need.

If your local Safe Places Scheme is not registered with us please contact them and let them know you would like them to join.

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Want to tell your story? Get in touch and we will arrange for your video to be shown here!

Email us at info@safeplaces.org.uk to get the ball rolling.