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Safe Places National Network

Terms and Conditions

As always there are a few T's & C's to having an account so here they are.

As we mentioned on the previous page everything we do is available for free to everyone who works within any of our member districts.

As we are about to ask you for some details we just want you to now why we ask for them and what we do with them; we will also cover how you can go about asking for them to be deleted.

We ask you for your details and store your details, so we can check to make sure you are eligible to have a free account and to access our resources.

We will automatically delete your details if you contact us and ask us to.

The contact email if you want your details deleting is education@safeplaces.org.uk

We may contact you from time to time by the email you use just to check to see if everything is OK.

If we try to contact you and you don't reply on three consecutive occasions we will take it you don't use that email address any more and will delete your details.

If you don't use your account for 3 months we reserve the right to automatically deactivate your account and delete your details, so please don't be a stranger.

By applying to have an account, you are confirming that you have checked and are certain that you work in one of our member districts. We will check just in case to make sure no errors have been made so please don't apply if you don't work in a member district.

The account gives you and only you access to the materials to help the individuals you are responsible for. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover anyone else – no, not even your colleague's sister's mates brother :(

But seriously, if your colleague wants to join us, tell them to get a wiggle on and apply. You can have as many accounts per venue as you want.

We will not pass your details on to any third parties ever and we mean ever.

The data we collect is anonymised. We provide collective data by district for the purposes of evidencing and are able to provide each account holder with copies of their own data only.

It's important that you know, even though you can use your account as many times as you like you are not authorised to publish our materials in any way shape or form. There is a copyright ownership placed on our materials which is really strict and prevents this.

If you leave to go to work in an area that is not a member unfortunately your permission to use the account lapses. Please let us know and we will close your old account. You don't need to be sad though; if your new place of work is in a member district you can have a new account! If not you can contact your local scheme operator in your new district and let them know how fab we are and let them know you want them to join us.

The above is really important to us as our free-to-use materials and assistive technology only exist because our members pay a tiny amount each to cover the costs of running our service. If people try to get around contributing to the running costs we will disappear.

So please; even if they're an old friend asking you to do them just this one favour and give them our materials, please don't – sharing or publishing these materials is a breach of copyright and we would hate to fall out just when we are getting to know each other :)

If you ever have any questions or are unsure about any part of the above, please drop us a line at education@safeplaces.org.uk and we will be happy to have a chat about it all.

Right, glad that's all out of the way and we can get on with the important bit of teaching some of the most amazing people all about Safe Places.