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We have introduced this new FAQ page on which we aim to answer any potential questions about how our service works.

Pleased drop us a line by following the link below if you have any questions and answers you would like us to include.


Because you have all these amazing things going on, I bet it costs a packet?

You would think so wouldn't you, but we only charge our members £13.46 per district per week; amazing hey!

How do i find a Safe Place?

You can either type in the address or post code into the search bar on the home page or go to the Search page and do the same.  

How does my local scheme become a member of your fab network?

That's an easy one; all they need to do is contact us at info@safeplaces.org.uk and we will take it from there.

Why isn't my Safe Place listed?

That's because only Safe Places which are located within our Member Schemes location are listed. Our members give us a few quid a week to help pay for everything which gives them an account so they can add their Safe Places. 

How can I get to see the new Safe Places education materials which i've heard are amazeballs?

Good question; well if you work at a place that helps teach people about being safe or travelling safe and you are in one of our member's areas then you're in luck.

All you need to do is contact us at education@safeplaces.org.uk and we will help you set up a free account so you can get unlimited access to everything we make. 

Can I find Safe Place while i'm out an about?

Oh yeah; you can find all our Member's Safe Places by using our free-to-use smart phone apps. They are available to download now on the App Store and Google play.